Can i use ac88u firmware on ac3100 asus

Hi guys, im new and bought a used router because im broke. im on a competitive gaming team and my stock router would constantly seem like bullet registration would randomly be weak, and recently started getting lots of games of teleporting. says no packet loss on router when i run test. but starting to think it was router not my internet. I picked up a ac3100 asus and have been reading about SQM and sounds awesome. so i dont see ac3100 support in openwrt>? so can i use the ac88u firmware on my ac3100? if so does that even have SQM where i can make the packets send and time properly? i know im a noob but your help would be greatly appreciated and im a good friend to have

No you shouldn't, unless you know it's exactly the same device.
Since it's a Broadcom device, wifi will be crippled using openwrt.

Try instead.

Hi thanks for the replay well everyone keeps saying the ac3100 is the actual same machine as the ac88u dd-wrt even has then listed side by side in the file for firmware ? So that’s why I’m really needing help trying to find out it 1. Does any firmware exist on ac3100 or ac88u that can have the SQM feature ?? And if so can I just use the ac88u firmware from openwrt? Because they don’t have a firmware listed for ac3100 possibly because im supposed to just know to use the ac88u ?

Seems it's been tested, at least once, and works ... read OpenWrt Support for Asus RT-AC88U - #197 by mitnworb and onward, there might be more info further down.

I had it running and it seemed to run fine, but I was getting strangely slow speed tests as compared to dd-wrt. I went back to to dd-wrt until I have some more time to work on it. If you install it and get it working it I'd love to hear your results.

Interesting, so like I said I’m pretty new to any router configuration. Let’s say hypothetically I can just use the ac88u firmware on the ac3100 before I go through all that trouble and potentially mess something up does the ac88u even have SQM on that firmware ? That’s my main goal I want SQM for competitive gaming

you'd need to install them post flashing, but they're there, look for sqm.

lol bro i appeciate the link but this is like matrix code to me >? what do i do with this? lol

nothing, just proof of their existence ...

Gotcha, when I try and flash openwrt firmware it goes through the whole process and when it’s done I log in and still shows the Merlin firmware I put on it last night ? Any idea ?

flashed how ?

you should probably go back to stock 1st, but the ways described in might work too.

Gotcha , so maybe it just didn’t actually take the openwrt even though it got to 100? Because it still says Merlin from what I put on it last night . I can click update manually for firmware and choose file is how I put the Merlin on there . But the Merlin doesn’t have SQM . I think just need to take the red pill watch the matrix to begin to understand what the hell im doing lol . I just want to fix my issue so I can play with my team

You should really go back to the ASUS fw first, but you'll have to check with Merlin, how it's supposed to be done.
Then try to flash openwrt again.

so you has ac88u openwrt firmware running on an AC3100 ???? does it have SQM support?

@mitnworb last time you bailed on me, maybe @Help is willing to test my images for specifically supporting AC3100.

Hello. I've uploaded v22.03.5 to my RT-AC3100 and it seems to be working fine. Except one thing: it always says "Current power: 31 dBm" at any wireless interface regardless of "Maximum transmit power" value selected. That bothers me a bit because value looks too high. Any idea what is going on?

I'm not going to do anything unless the device is properly supported. If you're willing to do some tests let me know.

Thank you for your reply. Yep, I can do tests. Especially if that can lead to a proper support of this device.

I finally have time to work on this, are you still around?

Yep, I am here. If you have some tests to run I can try to do it.
Additionally I found that WPA3 doesn't works. And frame protection (802.11w) as well.
Also after connection to this AP with phone, it often says that there is no internet. But after few minutes starts to work. Which is strange.