Can I upgrade WRT3200ACM from LEDE 17 to OpenWrt 18? [Solved]

It's certainly a basic question, but before I do anything, I prefer to get a clear answer.
Environnement: My private network includes PCs running Linux, windows, smartphones android, and NAS. I took a long time to understand LUCI and configure.
I would like to know if the upgrade from LEDE 17 to OpenWRT 18 is possible and easy from the current interface, and also and especially if my configuration will be preserved.
Or if it is better to flash OpenWRT 18 on the other partition, switch to this partition and restore a backup of my current configuration.
If someone have answer I'll be thankful.


there haven't been major breakages in general configuration syntax between 17.01.x and 18.06.x, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's necessarily smooth sailing for all devices - nor for more complex specific configurations. While breakage between different major releases is attempted to be avoided, that isn't guaranteed, nor can always be avoided - these issues may both be major or subtle, exposing themselves only much later. If you do want to stay on the safe side, you'd reconfigure by hand, by carefully comparing old- and new defaults and filling in the deltas manually - or you can just test your luck and give it a try.

This is by far the worst option. When preserving the configuration during an upgrade, special upgrade scripts are run which might help migrating configuration between different release versions. However if you restore a backup, it replaces the current overlay verbatim - without any migration scripts being run, this is almost a guarantee for breakage. Restoring a backup is only safe to do on the same model (even the same device, given that MAC addresses might be part of the configuration) and by using the same version of OpenWrt. It will fail badly when attempting to restore settings on different hardware or vastly different versions of OpenWrt.

In your specific case, with a mature dual-boot setup being in place, you can't really break anything - even in the worst case your current 17.01.x based partition will remain untouched, while 18.06.2 gets installed to the alternative partition set.


The dual-firmware feature is one that I didn't appreciate as much as I should have, until I started working on another device without it. Having that available in case of an "oops" was great when doing some invasive config work.

With a little command-line "wizardry", you can even look at your second partition's config while booted from the first

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Not just for "oops moments", but also for simply trying (testing) new versions/ features/ configurations - if you already know in advance that you want to return to the 'old' untouched installation within a couple of minutes. Having a dual-boot setup in place is a great feature and a big improvement when it comes to your peace of mind.

luci-app-advanced-reboot (or cli equivalents thereof) make managing this very convenient.


I write "Thank you. It's perfectly clear and argued. I think I'll duplicate my partition (flash LEDE and restore config) then upgrade one of the two. This will permitted to me to come back in safe zone if problems occurs."
This mean I don't understand upgrades with dual partition config. I'd boot on my lede partition. Then I made an upgrade to OpenWRT 18.06 with preserve my config. Everything goes very well and so easy.
I'd to re-install language, some packages. But firewall, NAT, DHCP, DNS, statics routes..., all about my configuration of my local network is here and functionnal. Thanks very much you to all contributors for their answers
Thank you

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And it's what i'll do. I think I'll duplicate my partition (flash LEDE and restore config) then upgrade one of the two. This will permitted to me to come back in safe zone if problems occurs.
Thank you

OK. When upgrade is done, I'll be back for a report. And, if everything is fine, eventually to close the topic.
My report is on a previous post