Can I update from lede-17.01.6 to openwrt-23.05.2

Hi All

Currently new to updating firmware from the standard BT version, using a BT home hub 5A.

Yesterday I managed to update to lede-17.01.6-lantiq-xrx200-BTHOMEHUBV5A-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin.

Using the following:


All went ok after a couple of goes, but I did however loose my hh5a.nanddump file is I had backed it up to the device and not the USB stict. I know.......

Now is there a way of backing up the stock firmware? Have I lost any major settings??

Also can I update to openwrt-23.05.2-lantiq-xrx200-bt_homehub-v5a-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin, via the user interface GUI on my current version?

Your advice would be much apricated.



Wiki says you can/should

Hi Frollic

"Once the initial OpenWrt/LEDE firmware has been installed, newer firmware can be installed using the LuCI web interface or sysupgrade (note: snapshot releases don't come with LuCI, you need to install it later). Make a backup of your settings before updating"

So I need a sysupgrade.bin to do it via the GUI of the HH5A?

I was trying to fine thereason for the LEDE and openwrt versions??



The problem I have is that I lost the file of the HH5A as I had not moved it across to the USB stick. I know my error, the HH5A is running ok with lede-17.01.6-lantiq-xrx200-BTHOMEHUBV5A-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

In theory if you tick the Force install check box, it should be possible to install 23.05.x sysupgrade.bin from LuCI. It's not something I've tried from 17.01.6.

If in doubt, install sysupgrade.bin in stages using LuCI. Upgrading/downgrading between two major releases has never been an issue for me on HH5a.
17.01 to 19.07.10
19.07.10 to 22.03.6
22.03.6 to 23.05.2

Refer to 270 page HH5a installation guide regarding differences.

Firmware selector

You won't be able to restore saved settings to later versions of OpenWrt as they are incompatible btw.

There have been some reported bugs (mainly VLAN related) in 23.05 and 22.03, but they may or may not affect you.

Do NOT keep settings and use Force install each time.

Correction: Use 22.03.4 or higher when installing 22.03.x

Hi Bill888

So using openwrt-23.05.2-lantiq-xrx200-bt_homehub-v5a-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

I take it I would need to follow Upgrading to 22.03 or later in the OpenWrt/LEDE Installation Guide for BT Home Hub 5A?



Please read my previous reply as I made a few amendments since first posting it.