Can I share my phones hot spot through OpenWrt

I just put 18 on tplinks wr841nd v8, I have an Iphone7 ios11.4, and pc running xp or win7, or maybe a distro.
Just need to be pointed the rite way. Thankx

search function

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You can also - as you directly asked (e.g. if you have an Atheros wireless chipset - Broadcom doesn't do this):

  • Do a WiFi scan
  • Join your network
  • Setup WPA2/keys/etc.
  • It should offer to add it to a new interface WWAN
  • Done!

The overall concept is called a "routed client.". Set up a wifi Client mode interface that connects to the phone. Attach this interface as the WAN network instead of an Ethernet port. The standard configuration is for the router to route Internet requests from the LAN to the WAN, which means they will now go through the phone. You can also set up a regular wifi AP on the LAN to extend wifi range and allow more users than the phone hotspot does.

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