Can I run shell script using LUCI?

I am trying to call
but the browser is downloading the file instead of executing it, is it possible to call the shell script using a url?

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Luci is served by the web server uhttpd. So it will be uhttpd that could run your script.

If you just want to run a shell script, put it in /www/cgi-bin/ and flag it executable.
The url will then be:

EDIT: The query string, ie everything after the "?", is sent to the script in the variable $QUERY_STRING

Any output from your script will be shown on the browser, so you could generate suitable html in the script if you wanted to.
Here is an example:

I've had it done before with uhttpd, probably an issue with the web-server instance you're using. If you're using uhttpd post your instance parameters, I'll compare with my code.

I ll try that, I just want to run a shell script that I can call it from my raspberry pi so that it is allowed in IPv6 firewall whenever the ip address changes.