Can i reach 11 Mbps on 802.11b?

ZTE ZXHN H267N router ,anybody help ?
I can only have 5.5 Mbps bandwidth but i want to achieve 11 Mbps because i have 10.8 mbps download on my ADSL

It appears that you are using a router that is not supported by OpenWrt, so your question should be directed to the vendor (ZTE) for help.

That said, 802.11b has a maximum theoretical bandwidth of 11Mbps, so no, you will not be able to achieve real world speeds near 11Mbps... the 5.5Mbps you're seeing is likely the best you can do.

I'll also say this -- if you're still using 802.11b, you're talking about a device that is likely >= 20 years old... aside from being completely obsolete in every way, it means you cannot run any of the current encryption methods and there are likely major security vulnerabilities in whatever device that is (your router support 802.11n, but 802.11b is two major standards behind what your router can do) -- what device is running on 802.11b??


That DSL gateway supports 11n at radio rates up to 300 Mb (thus usable throughput in the low 100s). If your client is only capable of 11b, it needs to be replaced. That would be a very old client which likely also only has WEP encryption, which is not secure at all. Simple tools that run on any laptop can crack your WEP key in a few minutes.

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