Can I push new commits while my package is waiting for review?

Hi folks

So I submitted my package to the repository. While waiting for it get reviewed, I worked some more on the code and I'm thinking to push the changes to the branch under review. Is this doable? Should I push it as individual commits for each file (there are a lot of files...) or as a single commit?

P.s. if the people doing the review are reading this, I know that this project is kinda big, sorry about that :slight_smile: But hopefully it's laid out in a way that's easy to read. At least code readability is one of my goals. I had to balance it with code size, so I suppose some parts will require a bit of deciphering of what's going on, but that should not be a lot. You can ask me any questions if you need clarifications.

If that is a normal pr in the packages repo, you can push new commits to your feature branch, and the pr gets updated.

You can even squash the commits in the branch for clarity and force push, so that the pr stays clean.


It might be helpful to provide a link to the PR as the correct answer may depend on the current PR contents.

Thanks. I already pushed the squashed commits, as @hnyman suggested, but here's the link anyway:

Unfortunately, i forgot to signoff the commit, so it failed formalities. Now this should be fixed.