Can I protect myself from Deauth


Can I protect myself from something like this:

Yes, by enabling IEEE 802.11w (which is a mandatory part of WPA3, but can also be enabled on WPA2) - if (all of-) your clients support it would be another question.


You can set optional pmf aka 11w even for wpa2 and older at no interop punishment. Sure applies only if client negotiates it.
wifi7 will mandate disabling non-pmf deauth, whun it is implemented in hostapd you will still be vulnerable one way until everyone upgrades their software.

Do you have command or screenshot?

(does not need any fuller than default wpad/hostapd ,this is scraped off the net)

What do you mean? It is literally written on screenshot…

Thats from ancient version, your luci will have no such remark.

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