Can I open for port forward from a WAN segment or device?

I have a setup in my car with a Pi running OpenWRT, and I'm using mwan3 to only use the 4G modem when the car isn't within range of my home network, when the Pi will connect to that. But I would like to only have VNC port forwarding when the car is on that as well. I can set it to only allow from one single IP, but that means that I can only use one computer to connect. I tried using (so the segment), but that did not work. I didn't find any possibility of using a device as the origin either (Wifi as opposed to 4G modem). Is there something I haven't found there? I'm used to pfSense, where I can do that, but that's a totally different beast than OpenWRT in many respects, I'm still a newbie on OpenWRT.

Consider using a (road-warrior style) VPN (e.g. wireguard), instead of forwarding VNC, but should work.



Great, that worked! Thanks a lot! I didn't know I had to use the subnet mask there. I can't set both as a solution, I'm afraid, so I'll set this post as that.

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