Can I install WireGuard on OpenWrt 15.05.1?

Is it technically possible to install and use WireGuard on OpenWrt 15.05.1? My router has no further upgrade to a newer version. The Software list also can't be obtained from the net (luci--system--software-update list).

Thank you.

Which router model are we talking about?

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It's a Chinese router (MT7620A based 16/128MB) which I installed a compatible Openwrt they suggested.

All basic functions work fine, but Iwould like to use it as WireGuard VPN AP.

I do not think that wireguard has ever been backported to so ancient kernels.
(And in any case, all updates to the ancient 15.05.1 were stopped already 5 years ago, roughly at the same time as Wireguard was initially invented.)


I think it is easier to port a modern OpenWrt to that device than backporting Wireguard to very old OpenWrt kernel.

That device seems like average chinese router with mediatek chipset.

Try asking in the devel section with full name and specifications of your device.
Also if there is old source code for the firmware is very good, most of that work is already done since it is still OpenWrt.

see this thread for example


It is theoretically possible to run the Wireguard userspace daemon written in Go, (what is used by the clients on Windows/Mac/BSD and on Linux where the kernel does not support it), but I don't think anyone has made a openwrt package about that.

This one?

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Okay now. I can find a 19.07 version and installed WireGuard without problem...

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