Can I Install OpenWrt on my Nighthawk XR1000?

Seeing if anyone can lead me in the right direction on the steps to install OpenWrt on my Nighthawk XR1000. I want more control over my internet and DumaOS/Netgear is not helping me at all with these basic settings and controls. I have issues with 2.4Ghz channel not working and everything going to 5Ghz channel only. QoS issues with bufferbloat.

I'm willing to wipe DumaOS completely and try OpenWrt on this router. I have AT&T fiber 1GB up and down and need to enable IP passthrough to give all the power to the router instead of the modem they provide. Only thing is I don't see this router listed. Seems like they only have the XR500 and XR700 listed on OpenWrt website.

I have 10 devices connected to the router and mainly just use it for gaming and web. Any help on what route I should configure it in openWrt will be helpful. Thanks

just look up the device page for your device there and follow the instructions.

Not finding it there isn't a coincidence and implies exactly that - and that's not very likely to 'ever' change for this device.

XR1000 announced a year ago, and appears to use Broadcom tri-core BCM6750 SoC, not Qualcomm IPQ80xx found in XR500.

As a result, there is almost zero chance of it ever being fully supported by OpenWrt. eg. no wifi.

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Thanks Bill, What's a router you guys recommend for OpenWrt that can handle Fiber speeds?

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For hardware recommendations please open a new topic in the Hardware Questions and Recommendations category of this forum.

Please see before asking for recommendations. This way you will get better recommendations and come to a quicker solution.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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