Can I install `luci-app-https_dns_proxy` in 18.06?

I'm tired of waiting for 19.07, which my understanding is can install luci-app-https_dns_proxy

I want to install DNS DoH. Is doing this on 18.06 as simple as installing luci-app-https_dns_proxy or is there more things I have to do at the command line?

Before I wade in, I wanted to confirm installing this on 18.06 is doable and to learn if there is anything I should be aware of before trying to get DoH working?

Is this a 3rd party? Or is this part of the official OpenWRT developers work?

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It can be considered as a trusted source.
@stangri is a well-known contributor and community member.


Depending on release cycle, some of my packages or package updates may or may not make it into the official release.

That's why I maintain my own repository from where you can install most of the packages I maintain/contribute to whatever release/flavour of OpenWrt you're on.

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