Can I Install last version in TP-link Archer C6 via OEM?

Hello, i have a router TP-Link archer c6 with OEM version 1.3.6, i would like install the last version of openwrt but there isnt information about this if possible.

The wiki said "1.3.6 19.07.4 flashes successfully, 21.02 branch flashes successfully" but the last version is 19.07.7

Can I install the last version without problems?

For stable release, only the Archer C6 v2 (EU, RU) is supported with build 19.07.7

You can take a look at the following link to see which applies in your situation: ToH

Yes i know the last stable version is compatible, my question is if i can install this firmware via web OEM,

the wiki say only 19.07.4 but oi dont know if is only this or higher

.7 success might simply not been reported by anyone.

But if you worry, flash .4, then upgrade to .7 afterwards.