Can I increase the wifi transmission strength?

Hi all. I have LEDE installed on my WD My Net 750 router. Is there a way I can increase the strength of the wifi signal? I'm at 2 out of 4 bars, according to my laptop's notification.

Please share both the CLI and Luci way.

First, don't use the bars, they suck. Check the negotiated speed of the connection, or even better, the actual speed. Only worry about bars if you are getting disconnect/reconnect events.

You can increase the signal within the limits defined for your country code and the channel you are using. In Luci edit the SSID and it is there in a box laeled Transmit Power (depending on your hardware, this may alter the transmit
power on all SSIDs.) in the cli it is "option txpower X" in /etc/config/wireless, or you can use the "uci" comand to alter settings in the "wireless." namespace.

However, increasing the TX power past about 18 is generally not going to improve things due to client behavior and limitations of client radios. More APs is the solution if your house is too big or has bad walls for WiFi.

Hi Skids. Thanks for your reply.

I am. I get disconnect/reconnect events with Hexchat IRC.