Can I increase the storage capacity of Netgear WAX202?

Recently I bought netgear wax202 router. After that I installed openwrt 22.03.5 on it. After the installation, I see my device storage capacity is showing low which is little more than 22MB. Maybe it's normal. But I want to install ssrplus+ with all dependencies. I need some more storage space for this. If the storage capacity can be increased then how do I do it? And will it cause any problems with my device? Help is requested from experienced brothers. Thanks in advance.

tl;dr: no.

The allocated partition size would be 2*(4+34) MB, so 34 MB - ubi overhead (ECC) - ~5 MB rootfs size - overlay overhead ~= 22 MB sounds about right.

Changing this would require repartitioning the OEM partition map, which is pretty dangerous, makes reverting to the OEM firmware (close to-) impossible and would require quite a bit of high-risk original development and bootloader debugging on your side, as well as forever having to rebuild patched OpenWrt versions to mirror your custom partitioning. It's technically 'possible', but if you have to ask about it, you wouldn't be able to do it anyways - and it's (especially on NAND a-) very high risk to hard-brick your device permanently.

…so, still 'no'.

A better option, especially these days, would be going for a device with sufficient amount of flash/ RAM in the first place, ideally with USB ports as well (while I'm not a fan of extroot myself, this can come in handy for static data, logs and other volatile data). Just leave your device alone, maybe you can even recoup a significant portion of your investment on the used markets.


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I should have noticed😅.Sorry about that.

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