Can i flash Xwingswrt?

Hi everyone
Wondered if i could flash xwingswrt , on my xiaomi ax3600 ?
I have flashed snapshot version already , and wanted to know if i could upgrade to xwings features ?

Is your question somehow realated to [official] OpenWrt?

If so, how?

You have to ask the ones who created this "xwingswrt".


Since i havent found anything useful on google thought ill ask here since its based on wrt
Thnks anyway

Theoretically there should be some user forums or other contact information to reach the creators/maintainers for that version. That's where you should be asking your questions.

Based on OpenWrt does not mean that it is the same as OpenWrt. Just like a movie based on a book... there are often major differences. What you are asking about is not official OpenWrt, so this is not the correct forum to get your questions answered.

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