Can I disable any of these on my isp gateway?

I currently have an openwrt router connected, but the isp gateway doesn't have a bridge mode. I tried setting up a dmz but couldn't get that working either. The isp gateway won't let me even set static dhcp leases for any devices. I'm going through device disabling as many things as I can in hopes of minimizing latency and increasing performance.

EDIT: I also tried the passthrough but apparently would need to purchase ip addresses from the provider.

Maybe I can disable them all ?

1 Like're asking if you can disable something on a non-OpenWrt device...?



  • I'm honestly lost at why you think these checkboxes on a non-OpenWrt device relate to your hopes - perhaps, you could explain that more in depth? :thinking:
  • I'm quite lost at why you're asking this question on the OpenWrt forum - nothing mentioned thus far relates to an OpenWrt device
  • Most of your first posting explains a lot of what you did...or couldn't do...but again I'm not sure why you think these checkboxes relate to "minimizing latency and increasing performance" on an OpenWrt (or on any device for that matter)

I'm really trying to understand how any of these relate to "minimizing latency and increasing performance" the question of disabling the checkboxes is odd and off-premise to your statements.

It seems like you just want a public IP on your OpenWrt - that's all I understood...even so, I don't yet understand how this relates and OpenWrt specifically; or how you plan to accomplished it toggling those checkboxes.


My reasoning is the less things the isp gateway has to do, the better performance I will get out of my internet connection. Like disabling unneeded services/programs/devices on an operating system like Windows seems to have a positive effect, I'm thinking it would apply to a device like a isp gateway. If I'm wrong, then I guess I'm wrong :smile:

If those checkboxes related to nathelper firewall rules, then disabling them can minimize the number of rules and theoretically improve latency, but the degree of improvement is most likely negligible unless the number of checkboxes/rules is measured in hundreds/thousands.


I apologize for posting an unrelated openwrt question but you guys here are the smartest I know on the internet. :grinning:

And you are correct vgaetera, these are firewall rules. I went ahead and disabled all and it seemed to have a negligible effect in the end. Thanks for taking the time to both of you for replying!

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