Can I create nvram partition when building image?

Hi There,

Can I make nvram partition when building image?
I want to use "nvram" utility to operate the partition.


If you edit the partition table, sure. You might have to modify the utility as well.

But why would you want to do that on devices that do not have nvram out of the box? The whole OpenWrt configuration system is based on configuration files.

Thanks for your reply.

We create a raw mtd partition to save some parameters which can be reserved even after reset factory, such as MAC.

"nvram" utility can't work because the partition has no "FLSH" magic (all 0xFF).

Shall we format the partition to comply with "nvram" utility, if so, what should we do?

Check other devices: Usually, there is some sort of "factory" partition containing MAC addresses, WiFi calibration data and so on. I might be mistaken, but I remember the nvram utility only from the time I had Broadcom-based devices. Most other platforms use raw partitions (with a few exceptions, like tffs on AVM devices).

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