Can I create a VLAN for USB modem?

I currently have a USB modem as my internet source. Everything is setup and configured except I'm not able to put it on a VLAN. I'm assuming it's cuz it's not part of the switch or can act as it's own switch. My router does support VLANS. 2 are already preconfigured. Are there any configs or commands that I can run to get it on a VLAN in my case? I read that this is also a prerequisite for a dual wan setup.

I really don't think if you need to put a WAN interface to a VLAN in order to use it in a multiple WAN system. AFAIK you can create VLANs for switches and your USB modem can not be a part of a VLAN but you can also create a bridge for the multi-wan system if you need it.

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