Can I Create a mwan3 without pinging feature?

I have a router with 2 Sim cards, bone of carried does't allow pings.

Is it possible to just switch to the carrier(SIM) that has the more strong signal intensity?

Not matter if the ping is good or not, because one of them doesn't allow ping.


Do you have two modems, or one modem with two cards? If it's a single modem it can only operate with one carrier at a time.

If pings are blocked (which is very unusual) you could use wget of a known site to see if you have Internet connectivity.

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Hello Mk24... I have 2 different modens...

I'm kind of new into this openwrt..

I'm using the

My interface here asks for a IP for pinging.. so, How could I use the wget ?

And also, is it a command or code where I can Switch to the modem that has the stringer signal or something like that?

Thank you VERY much

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So if you want to replace ping, probably you need to rewrite the script.
Perhaps it's not worth to utilize mwan3, just use cron and uci.

It should be feasible, if you know a method to determine the signal level.

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