Can I configure 5GHz for mixed mode like DDWRT?

I think you failed to read my post above about connecting to two of the AP's you listed for your ISP. You may want to test the feasibility of this idea before making a purchase.

  • If your neighborhood has bad wiring in the right-of-way to all houses, I don't think speed would improve connecting to another neighbor
  • XFINITY requires certs only installed by their official software/app
  • You have to account more for distance and obstructions at 5.4 GHz

In the future, you can just quote anyone then comment underneath - in one post. :smiley:

Sorry about that. I spoke to Comcast. 2 of the hotspots are theirs and would bypass the bad wiring. The tech tested from his device from my living room and had a good fast speed to both. So I just need to know what type of device I would need to send the signal back to my main router? Then, how would I configure openwrt to add the wifi connection to the network?

If you talked to the tech, did he tell you how to add the XFINITY certs to a device without their app?

Otherwise, I already told you twice, just hit "Join Network". If you install mwan3, you will see.

Well there was a lot of messages it was easy to overlook. Yes, I know how to take care of getting it to connect. I connected a netgear range extender for my cousin to an xfinity Hotspot. Should be the same deal.