Can i combine 2 network interface?

Just installed openwrt today.
I don't know if its a dumb qustion or not ,
But can i combine 2 network interface (wan and wwan ) to gain more internet speed.

I have 2 internet connection
One from my isp through cable (wan)
And another one is wireless bridge from my neighbour's wifi (wwan)

Short answer is no, you cannot just combine two WAN interfaces and magically double your speeds. Look for a package called "mwan3", but I do not thing that you are going to get exactly what you want.


In multiple connection protocols, like torrents, you could see some increase in performance. But not all protocols can utilize more than one connections. In any case, since you have two connections, go for mwan3, worst case you'll have a quick failover if not a combined speed.


And you may like to redact your MAC addresses in your posts, for privacy reasons.

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Thanks for all info :sweat_smile:
Really appreciate it :innocent: