Can i change the size of /tmp folder?

My /tmp folder in openwrt have 13mb

I would resize to 1.5mb, because I need more RAM in my operational system(os), but i dont known how i can do it

Thanks a lot guys !!!

Just don't fill the /tmp directory. tmpfs grabs from real RAM only on demand. The 13 MB of your /tmp folder is the maximum possible size


Tmp folder is pretty much only filled with the runtime files.
So I think we can start here by defining your device because obviously you are on the boarder line of having a device without OpenWrt support because to little hardware resources.

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Hi flygarn12
I using a hardware for iot, with low resources
Openwrt is installed in our gateway thats communicate with our conkiti mesh network
My /tmp folder used 300kb. I'll try reduce to 1.5mb for tests

I encounter a similar question here: How to reduce the tmpfs size? - #3 by davidgates

Tomorrow I will try use the command: mount tmpfs /tmp -t tmpfs -o remount,size=11000k,nosuid,nodev inside the file: /etc/rc.local

I said what hardware? This forum only gives support for official OpenWrt firmware on supported hardware.