Can I change the DHCP IP address space via LuCI?

I want to change the network DHCP advertises from to such that the router lives at and clients get onwards. I don't see how to do this in Luci. Is it not possible?

I figured it out... it's in LAN settings.

Unpacking this a bit...

Changing the LAN IP

Sequential DHCP leases (if that's what you really want) can be found in the DHCP configuration.

Why do you want to use a /8? There is almost never a good reason to use such a large subnet -- if you have 16M hosts, you need so subnet them or you'll have issues due to broadcast traffic.

/24's work perfectly for most users... or if you need more than 254 hosts, maybe a /23.

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I just like the look of it :slight_smile:

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