Can I build an OpenWrt package using binary directly without compilation

I cross-compiled a C program using openwrt toolchain outside of openwrt build system. the compiled binary can be executed successfully on an arm_cortex-a15_neon-vfpv4 platform (netgear r7800 running 18.06) Now in terms of packaging, I am wondering if openwrt package Makefile has any directives to do package from an existing binary instead of starting from compile. If it is not possible, could anyone share if any independent utility tool available to build ipkg that can be installed using opkg mgr on openwrt 18.06?

You should be able to write an install target which copies your binaries to the correct install directories. Have a look at the package base-files, it doesn't compile anything.

Maybe check out this discussion on Stackoverflow? extracting and creating ipk files

You can.
base-files has those items, but is a rather special case of Makefile, so here are a few other shorter examples:

Install ready binaries without compilation:

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Thanks a lot for the suggestion. I figured out the same yesterday after some try outs.

yes, that's the original route I took, I even tried opkg-util and ipkg-util and modified the AR used in their scripts and created package struct. But the pkg built with them didn't work and also I tried out extract and compress to see the difference. Anyway, thanks for the reply

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