Can I bridge an existing UNIFI wireless network with a OPENWRT AP

Hi there,
I have an existing Unifi wireless network.

I am looking to connect a UAP PRO that has openWRT installed on it as a network bridge to allow a remote switch hard wired to some devices to communicate to the rest of the network on the same subnet.

Is this at all possible?

I have tried connecting the AP to the network I want to using the scan feature and it connects fine but doesn't bridge.


Why not reinstall the vendor for firmware? It will make for a seamless process.

With openwrt, it can be done but it is not as easy.

Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately with the AP I’m trying to use UniFi considers it obsolete so I would have to run an old insecure controller with vulnerabilities as well as an old firmware on the AP itself.

I would much rather have the current version of openWRT running on the device for security purposes and functionality going forward.

So you want to create a wireless to wired downlink?

If that's the name for it that I didn't know 10 minutes then yes.

Router > AP1> AP1 WIFI> openWRT Bridge(wired downlink)? > Wired switch > Wired Devices all on same subnet is what I'm trying to do

You’ll need to setup relayd

For anyone else in this situation this did work for me.
First attempt I mixed up a setting because I wasn't paying attention to the instructions.
I reset the AP to default settings and tried it again.

Where it says Use custom DNS servers for the WWAN you create.

I glanced over that and just put the custom DNS server I have.

The instructions call for the IP for your main wifi router or IPV4 Gateway IP address. Maybe the insructions can make that more clear.

Otherwise it works great!

Thanks so much for the advice. You saved that device from sitting on a shelf or becoming ewaste and it actually seems to work better than the newer AP I had running before. Awesome.

Glad it worked out!

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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