Can I Add Local Store Networks as Availability Sources to the TechData?

In my country, we have a tech store network (I think that is what it is called) which officially supplies the Netgear DM200 (and have done so since it launched in our country), can I add it to the DM200's techdata?
In our country, while we can order from Amazon, our country is not officially supported by Amazon, hence we have to pay additional taxes to order physical goods, so in many instances we need to rely on local networks.

The availability row of the wiki's techdata pages is less targetted at endusers, but more at wiki custodians - who need a reliable source to determine if a device is still produced and available as 'new' on the market or EOLed (this is less of an issue for devices available from amazon, but more for devices that are only distributed over less common channels (e.g. sold only regionally, only available from aliexpress/ alibaba, sold exclusively over the manufacturer's web store)). Obviously for most consumer devices there are many sources other than amazon to purchase these devices, down to brick-and-mortar/ mom-and-pop stores in your local precinct - but those sources aren't overly helpful for the stated purposes of (regularly re-)checking if a device is still on the market.

So no, if a device is generally available (pretty much worldwide) from various sellers, it does not help (or even make sense) to add further entries for regional sources.


Thanks for the clarification, though it makes the redundant, since all DM200s are precisely the same, down to the firmware (EU, US, AU, at Netgear they are all EUS, I had verified this by calling Netgear in the US (despite not living in the US)).
It is also available at, and I'm pretty sure that it is available at all other amazon sites.

See also my reply in another topic:

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