Can I add a new device(Newifi-D2) to LEDE?

Hi, I have a Newifi D2, the hardware specifications are below, almost the same as Newifi-D1 except the bigger RAM.

Flash: winbond 25Q256FVFG
GB Adapter: PPT PSF-2447

The system comes with the device is a customized one basing on some early version, the kernel is still 3.14.x.
I tried the rom of Newifi-D1 on this device and it works, except the problems that the RAM size is not correctly recognized, the lan are displayed as 2 ports and the LEDs are not correctly configured.

I think it won't be too difficult to add this device to LEDE, are there any guidelines if I want to push the changes to LEDE?

No need to do:

The memory reg might be incorrect.I left a comment there.

I was about to add a new dataentry for the Newifi D2 when I noticed that the firmware image is called "d-team_newifi-d2....".

Where does the d-team come from? The Newifis we have in the ToH are currently all listed under Lenovo, hence expecting "lenovo_newifi-d2...".

In addition to this: Where can I find the OEM website for this device, and where can I buy it?

Hi Tmomas,

D-Team is the manufacturer of Y1, Y1S, D1 and D2, Newifi is their trademark. Y1, Y1S, D1 are OEM products for Lenovo but D2 is not.
The discussion about this change

Their website is and the webpage for D2 is
You can find more details about this device in following links (please use the translator... )

For now it is for sale in China only. My devices are bought from the online secondhand market...

Thanks for this clarification.

The OEM webste listing the "Newifi D2" as "Newifi 3" doesn't make the naming easier to understand. What on earth drives people to call a device by such different names?

Anyways, Newifi D2 dataentry has been created now.