Can I add a menu without dropdown in openwrt luci? If yes, How?

Hi, I am new to openwrt and I need some help in adding tab without dropdown, I can do it with dropdown but don't want this dropdown.What should i do?

Don't register sub-nodes, then you'll get a toplevel menu item without dropdown.


entry({"admin", "test"}, cbi("test"), _("Test entry"))


function index()

I tried this code but it didn't work.Can you pls tell me if there is any error?

Looks fine to me and works locally. Maybe you forgot to remove /tmp/luci-indexcache to flush the menu cache.

No, I am sure I removed the cache.Tho I'll give it a try once again and see if it's working

Thank you very much for your time and concern I was finally able to do it :smile:..
The code was fine, I made some error in the header file.

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