Can D-link DIR-843 use DIR-842 openwrt

For me DIR-843 ( is just Russian version of DIR-842 (

Any ides or comments. Thanks in advantage!

The DIR-843 isn't just a russian version of the DIR-842, i'ts another product.

I can confirm that to you because I have a DIR-842 R1 (R1 means it's the russian ver.), and I am also struggling to find any custom rom to it.

There are several different versions of the DIR-842 (A1, B1, C1 and so on).
Only the C1 uses different hardware (QCA 9563) while all the other variants incorporate a RTL 8197.

The DIR-843 A1 also uses the QCA 9563, but that doesn't mean that both 842 C1 and 843 A1 are exactly the same.

Thanks for the comments. This community has real power. Probably my next step will be then that I will find some other router suitable for me.