Can a specific IPv6 prefix be configured for each VLAN?

Current environment: WAN port gets IPV6-PD after dialing through PPPOE and then assigns IPV6 address through DHCP or SLAAC mode like LAN

Requirement: It is now necessary to separate the internal network with VLANs. A separate IP terminal can be configured for each network segment through DHCP. Is there a parameter to specify a separate IPv6 prefix for each VLAN, for example: IPv6-obtained by PPPOE now The PD is 2000:346:5100:ff00::/60. If a VLAN specifies a specific prefix of 001 through a parameter, the prefix obtained by the device under this VLAN should be 2000:346:5100:ff00:001:/64. IPv6-PD + 001 /64 other VLANs and so on

Yes, by declaring ip6assign and ip6hint for each of your networks.

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config interface lan1
option proto static
option ip6assign 60
option ip6hint 10

config interface lan2
option proto static
option ip6assign 60
option ip6hint 20

Isn't it similar? Does this work in SLAAC and DHCPv6 modes?

only if the subnets aren't overlapping (hint, they are in your example --> a /60 contains 16 subnets) and if they actually fit into your ISP provided prefix.

Always assign /64 to every vlan. There is only very rarely a reason to do otherwise.

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