Camview Firmware Update, Who is the Producer

I have a Router from Camview, but there are no firmware updates, and the router is buggy.
Here is a Webpage were you can see how the router looks like and the technical data.

It is like a TP-link CPE210, but it will not accept the firmware, from tp-link.
May somebody can tell me, if I can install Open WRT and how. Or maybe somebody knows where I can get the firmware, from the producer.
I think the router is from Totolink, because the wlan ssid is totolink.
Thank you

If you want openwrt on your device you will need to do the porting yourself, you’re the one with the device

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Chipset Qualcomm Atheros 560Mhz, 8MiB Flash, 64MiB RAM, Switch with 2 100MBit Ports.

Afaik, most (all?) atheros from that era are supportable with little effort, if you can frankenstein yourself a fitting dts file from other similar hardware.

8/64 is a tad low though, but the ath79-tiny target would fit.

Have you opened it? Ideally you could find the UART (serial port), and post the boot-up messages emitted on there.

8mb devices are said be EOLed after next stable release, due to insufficient flash size.

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