Camera Record and stream video

How to stream or record video in openwrt with all the resolution which is specified by the camera vendor.

FFMPEG, might need to add some libraries, for it to be able to process RTSP streams.

I have tried this but its not recording the video also not streaming. I am able to capture image with fswebcam but while using cameras with highest supportive resolution the image is not getting captured.

And to stream video i used mjpg-streamer but with some camera it streams video bit for some camera it dose not supports and gives black screen

Can you give me process and commands to record video using ffmpeg with all the resolution.

Which camera, which resolution, which OpenWrt version and which device are we talking about?

I forwarded the stream to a multi client application, so it could be distributed without data being sent from actual camera more than once.

ffmpeg -i rtsp://qwerty:qwerty@ -c copy -f rtsp -rtsp_transport tcp rtsp://

I then attached to the multi client application and captured the stream to file, using aconv.

avconv -i rtsp:// -c copy -map 0 -f segment -segment_time 7200 -segment_format mp4 "capture1-%03d.mp4

You can save the stream directly using ffmpeg, for sure, and aconv.

Not sure aconv's available in openwrt though, that part I did on x64 Linux.

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