CallStranger UPnP issue

Is OpenWRT susceptible to the CallStranger UPnP issue if the UPnP service is installed?

From your quoted web-page

" Not Vulnerable Devices

  • miniupnpd >1.6 (2011)"

The earliest version of miniupnpd I can find in openwrt (and it started off life in the 'routing' package feed, not the main package feed) is:

commit ff3dddf2da7efbd25e7accc80366480cb3f39611
Author: Markus Stenberg <>
Date:   Fri May 30 13:11:49 2014 +0300

    miniupnpd: Added based on latest 20140523 version + IPv6 pinhole/SSL compilation patches.

May 2014 > 2011.