Calibre on LEDE

Calibre is a swiss-army-knife for anythign e-book related, among others it can download various news sources like newspaper and magazine editions and turn them into ebooks. Has anyone suceeding in running it on LEDE or OpenWRT? With the routers getting more CPU and a USB drive, it should be possible. However, Calibre seems to be rather monolithic and depends on QT even though it runs perfectly fine headless without runnign an X server or something like that at all. Has anyone tried to port it?

I don't think anyone has tried to port it. Remeber OpenWRT/LEDE is a linux distribution for routing on embeded devices and not for ebooks. Do you know how big a calibre installation is? Have you see a router with such space?

Well, I have a 32 GB flashdrived attached to it, so it does not seem so bad. Calibre takes about 120 MB of RAM, I ahve 128 MB of that. With some swapping, I think the router would be able to run a script that runs on my computer in under a minute (most of which is spent downloading stuff) in a reasonable time. So hardware-wise, this would suffice.

I guess hte problem is that calibre cannot be easily split up of its gui :-(.

okay, let me put this way:
Good Luck

Try google using OpenWRT as keyword (LEDE is a fork of OpenWRT) OpenWRT have many more years around:

I tried that with not much luck (two posts in the forum with not success).

An alternative with COPS :

Can it run Calibre's recipes?