CAKE w/ DSCPs - cake-qos-simple

Try replacing your /etc/init.d/cake-qos-simple with this:

Then regenerate config using:

service cake-qos-simple gen_config

and regenerate nft.rules using:

service cake-qos-simple gen_nft_rules

The new config and nft.rules are saved with .new appended, and you can just overwrite your old config or nft.rules files, amalgamating any changes as necessary.


thanks much will do it a little later and report back

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tried this but still didnt work..also watched a tuturial about nftables and tried to create a rule but
it failed lol...ill learn more about nftables first..dscp classify works perfect for me so ill stick with that untill i learn more about adding nftable rules..thanks much

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Could you please clarify me the diference between the both cod config rules?
Do i always have to use 2 config's per game, and should i forget about the TCP's on DSCP?