CAKE w/ Adaptive Bandwidth

hi everybody

my starlink is currently only connected to a netgear switch which is distributed throughout the house only by cable, when I add my router under OpenWrt will the internet be directly operational? Or should I do this?


starlink is amazing now effectly

no sqm

sqm just a test like this

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I realize that I need to incorporate cake-autorate into my How OpenWrt Vanquishes Bufferbloat post. I've put a first draft of a cake-autorate description there.

Comments welcome on any part of the article. Thanks.

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Newbie here, need help configuring please. Already installed autorate as a service but other than that im clueless. Thanks already.

@Mehdi1607 concerning your post:

(I am responding in this thread because the thread that you originally posted on was a historical thread).

I think we will need more information to go on to give meaningful advice here.