CAKE w/ Adaptive Bandwidth

Are you talking about the luci screenshot?
My mistake, i've post it that screenshot previously, and moeller0 didn't mention nothing.

root@OpenWrt:~# tc -s qdisc show dev usb0 | grep qdisc
qdisc cake 8043: root refcnt 2 bandwidth 10Mbit besteffort dual-srchost nat nowash no-ack-filter split-gso rtt 30ms noatm overhead 44
qdisc ingress ffff: parent ffff:fff1 ----------------

by the way the only stuff that i've change from default are:
rtt 100ms to 30ms
triple-isolate to dual-srchost / dual-dsthost
nonat to nat
and only the custom speed limits. Everything else is default.

My initial idea was to trying figure out the best to reduce ingame latecy with 4g, i'm not changing anything else xD, my brain is nothing compared with yours. I think i already achieve good results. I'll be more than welcome to be testing and documeting this subject with GUIDANCE (in terms of testing). Thank you for everything, and i'm sorry for any time wasted. Kind regards

Was there a question I missed?

No, i was trying to justify my mistake.

> Readme

I think the defaults rather than my overrides would likely be better for online gaming. My overrides give quite a relaxed controller that tolerates a fair degree of bufferbloat. Whereas for online gaming I think you really want to avoid bufferbloat.

Always happy to help and not at all. No time wasted. I can help you get some data from speed tests. That’d be good to see how things are performing.

Have you managed to obtain output SUMMARY lines from the console?