CAKE w/ Adaptive Bandwidth [August 2022 to March 2024]

Regarding time interval, fping uses:

−p, −−period= MSEC

In looping or counting modes (−l, −c, or −C), this parameter sets the time in milliseconds that fping waits between successive packets to an individual target. Default is 1000 and minimum is 10.

−i, −−interval= MSEC

The minimum amount of time (in milliseconds) between sending a ping packet to any target (default is 10, minimum is 1).

So with:

fping ${ping_extra_args} --timestamp --loop --period "${reflector_ping_interval_ms}" --interval "${ping_response_interval_ms}" --timeout 10000 "${reflectors[@]:0:${no_pingers}}"

As I understand it, this means that ${reflector_ping_interval_ms} separates ping sends to a particular target, and ${ping_response_interval_ms} separates ping sends to any target.

I think this system in fping probably is optimal. @patrakov do you agree?