CAKE w/ Adaptive Bandwidth [August 2022 to March 2024]

My first time using cake-autorate and second time testing cake. I have been using Gargoyle for ~10 years on a number of routers with its QoS Active Congestion Controller qosmon.c (ACC) which works similar to this, measuring RTT to estimate max download bandwidth. I just received my RT3200 and Gargoyle doesn't support it yet so I'm testing this out.

I managed to get cake-autorate to work well. Compared to ACC, I like how it works on both downloads and uploads. When running ping to, the ping is good when downloading from Steam. Anecdotally, cake-autorate seems fluctuate the download bandwidth a lot more than ACC. I noticed in the, it appears possible to adjust the speed RTT responsiveness. Not sure which would result in a higher total download throughput over a hour. See screenshot below of WAN speeds. I need to save the same screenshot with ACC.

One point that annoys me (which is probably more a cake thing) is when downloading in Steam while trying to watch a youtube video. Steam is probably using 10 connections while youtube probably 1. So while RTT is good, steam would download at say 5 MBytes/sec and youtube 0.5MB/s. Or if I try a, I would get 1MB/sec. Or if I download octave, it would download at 0.2MB/s but if I pause steam, octave would download at 3MB/s. What I want is cake to give steam 50% and youtube 50%. It seems like cake doesn't fairly distribute bandwidth via service.

I found some examples here which lead me to try various combinations of (srchost | dsthost | hosts) in the advanced cake ingress and egress settings which seems to help. dsthost in ingress seems to be the best to me as I can do a speedtest on my phone while steam downloading and bandwidth is a bit more equal.

What cake settings are recommended to get cake to more fairly distribute bandwidth?