CAKE QoS Script (OpenWrt)

ok you explain for dont Lost connexion ?

I just do that and it works perfectly julian, the same you put your wan interface wrong.

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why would the wan interface be wrong?

Send me how you got it and I'll tell you if I see any errors.

how did I get what?

in lan interface which is partly green

you will see create veth0 and veth1 that's all

Send me your configuration and I'll tell you if I see any errors.

i' don't use this script :confused:

i has just test in the past

the script low my connexion

but if you don't have it then how do you know if it doesn't work as I tell you? It doesn't make sense, if you want to try it install it and tell me when you have it

well it's just that I've already tested it, at the beginning it existed in iptables then I made the request to have it in nftables, elan wrote me the design, we debugged the errors that could have been there, all I can say is that this version of the script is buggy and makes a slow internet

that it has errors and is slow is something else... I'm just telling you how to make it work.

thΓ© script work withouth add veth interface manually

because you are also veth1 in br lan

but then it works for you or not? I'm already losing myself :rofl::rofl:

it didn't create any veth0 and veth1 device for me ??? what am i doing wrong ??

but the script seems to be working with regular interfaces wan and br-lan

I thought it was automatically created when I ran the script it created the veth1 interface I thought it was just that but now you mention that I have to manually create veth0

It seems that it is working, so it should be

first things first,
thanks to elan and moeller0 (and other people here) for dropping real gems

I've just installed a topton chinabox x86 machine with openwrt 22.03.2 and tested your script, awesome work

I just found one quirk when activating IRQBALANCE:
During load (Download) I see 'sirq' load in top, but the CPUs are completely idling.
Of course this is mirrored in the OpenWrt realtime graphs (luci).

I just couldn't find a way to measure load properly per process, when IRQBALANCE is activated

I also could not find a package to add sirq graphs in luci (would be neat)

Not the real QoS topic, just a side effect of the option given in the script - but maybe someone figured a best practice solution for that quirk :]

still have to do more tests on the QoS site tho, but looks promising

I was testing it seems that it does not work well as it should ?

so it shows in the image the script should work well

no you don't need add interface because she add automaticly here look my screen you can see in lan veth1 also created

i'm hope explained at better ahaha :wink:

xato veth1

Yes but that's only veth1 ,you need to create another veth interface and assign veth0 device that is created by the script to it , at least that's what I understood

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