Cable Modem/Router recommendation for LEDE

Which one you guys recommend especially to counter bufferbloat? I heard Broadcom are no good, so am looking to try something different. Thanks

The syntax of your first sentence is confusing...

But Broadcom chips are not fully supported, especially for WiFi.

Intel chips are not supported in Access Point mode.

Atheros can do Client and AP mode.

I use QoS, other use SQM.

There aren't any cable modem drivers for OpenWrt. You are stuck with running the stock firmware in a cable modem. So you should use a two-box system with a modem that is only a modem, and your choice of router.

The TC-7610 or 7620 are good for services in the 100 Mbit range. Choose a modem that is on the cable company's official list for better support.

Technicolor TC4400 + LEDE Router (Linksys WRT1900 / 3200 or Netgear R7800 maybe)

In terms of prices, imho the wrt1900ac/ wrt1900acs doesn't really make sense anymore, with only a 20 EUR/ USD delta to the wrt3200acm (in contrast to the wrt1200ac on the cheaper end).