Cable for sata power

I observed that the R7800 is a pretty popular router for lede so I ordered one. I want to use for some SSD storage and I noticed it has a esata port but 5V power is needed for the sata drive.

How can I feed power to a sata drive with the R7800?

My first thought was to use the usb power but I can't find any cables that can do without blocking the sata data cable for the sata drive.

Any recommendations?

Edit: maybe this one can do

Could work depending on the power need of your drive. USB 3.0 allows up to 900 mA, USB 2.0 only up to 500 mA).

...and if it doesn't need 12V ;- )

Thank you for the answer!

I checked the voltage for SSDs and all of them need 5V.
About the amperage: the ports in the R7800 are USB3 but I don't know if a protocol negotiation is needed to draw the maximum amperage.
The power consumption of an SSD is low enough to use USB for that.

Just purchase a power adapter with a SATA power dongle as the DC end of the connector.

You mean something like this?

I can't seem to find any with a SATA connector

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It seems you did. That looks correct!

From the ad you linked: