Cable (dutch ziggo) modem in bridge or use DMZ?

I have used the modem long time in bridge, but is there anything against it to use it as a normal router modem and then connect the OpenWrt router to the DMZ of the modem -> and then my internal network?

DMZ or not, that would create a double NAT situation, which would be unfortunate (and makes protocols like ftp or SIP impossible, or at least very difficult; many OEM firmwares also can't deal with DHCPv6-PD properly). Additionally it also moves the security sensitive component to the OEM firmware of your modem, which is probably not seeing sufficient maintenance from your ISP.

Unless you can't avoid it, operating the modem in bridge mode (as a mere media converter) and terminating your WAN IP on the OpenWrt router is the best solution and offers you most configuration freedoms.


Thank you.

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