C7v5 mesh on 5ghz not working

I want to setup a mesh network and bought two C7v5. I read all available docs and set up a mesh configuration like this

config wifi-iface 'mesh5'
        option mode 'mesh'
        option key 'xxxxxx'
        option device 'radio0'
        option mesh_id 'MiTiAirMesh5'
        option mesh_fwding '1'
        option mesh_rssi_threshold '0'
        option encryption 'sae'
        option ifname 'mesh5'

config wifi-iface 'mesh'
        option device 'radio1'
        option mode 'mesh'
        option mesh_id 'MiTiAirMesh'
        option key 'xxxxxxx' 
        option mesh_fwding '1'
        option mesh_rssi_threshold '0'
        option encryption 'sae'
        option ifname 'mesh24'

Luci shows me that mesh5 does not have an associated network, mesh24 has. Also I realized that mesh5 did not get an ip6 address while mesh24 got the ip from its corresponding WiFi device.

Me = day 2 on openwrt. Where do I have to dig to find out why mesh5 isn't working?

Thanks for a hint!

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This is how it looks like on luci. Mesh24 is set as 'mesh point', mesh5 is set as 'mesh'. Why is this?

What happens with no encrypted set as None?

All mesh points must be set to the same channel, don't use the default "auto." Also I don't think it works on a DFS channel.

Not sure what your final plan is with two meshes, but realize you can't simply "parallel" them in a bridge to get more bandwidth. Either that is a network loop if STP is not enabled, and if STP is enabled it will block one of the paths to prevent a network loop.

doesnt change anything. I found out, it has something to do with the firmware. I removed the CT firmware and installed ath10k-firmware-qca988x instead. I did this on both devices, but only one is working properly now. How could that be?

Like @markbirss said simplify it-- start with no encryption and no AP etc simultaneous on the same radio.

With non CT firmware also use the non CT kmod-ath10k.

thank you. Situation is, that in my house there shall be an ap on each floor. I realized that just setting these two up as an ap being wired with the main router in the basement very often ends up with my phone staying with the weaker connection. as far as I understood mesh, this would be improved. not correct?

I currently am on non CT firmware and for sure kmod. Whats weird is, that one c7 does not manage to get the mesh associated with the 5g wifi. all configuration is the same. I will turn off encryption and remove the mesh completely to then reset up it again. I was on channel 48 which is supposed to be non DFS, right?

Removing the mesh5 configuration and set it up again after reboot did the trick. I think after changing the firmware it would have been a good idea to reset up the mesh from scratch. On my rooted android I can see why what ap is chosen and so far I can tell that switching ap is way faster when I walk around changing floors. So, time to set up the third one :slight_smile:

But still I would like to know if using a mesh is the right way, bit off topic here but since @mk24 you mentioned it maybe you could give me a hint :slight_smile:

thank you!

You don't need mesh. Just wire your APs with the main router if you can.

In order to solve the issue you described - my phone staying with the weaker connection - you probably need to play with wireless settings: basic_rate and supported_rates .

If you only have a 2 or 3 APs around the house you could configure fixed AP-STA (with WDS) links instead of a mesh. And wire everything that is possible.

Mesh is good because it doesn't need administration, it will automatically adapt as nodes are added removed or moved.

Thank you. Where is the advantage using fixed Ap-Station? Wouldnt a mesh work as well?

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