C7 V2 21.02.3 and 22.03.0 wireguard woes


I am using luci-app-wireguard to connect to a VPN provider and got full bandwidth ~230mbps on v19.07.7 but not on the newer versions listed above.

22.03.0 (squash upgrade) wireguard on a C7 V2 I am seeing 35mbps. With dnsmasq-full and wpad-mesh-openssl installed in addtion to the non ct ath10k packages.

21.02.3 (squash upgrade) Same 35mbps. Default packages plus luci-app-wireguard.

Is this related to the new DSA and nftables?

Should I try a fresh install of the full version factory US firmware?


No. This router cannot give you the full 230 Mbps through Wireguard. Most likely, on v19.07.7, the routes were not set up correctly, and, while the VPN was connected, the traffic still went through the main connection.

35 Mbps is in the right ballpark.

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Agreed, the best wireguard throughput I got on Archer C7v2, v4 and v5 without hardware or software offload was roughly 70 Mbit/s over LAN. This was with the latest releases of OpenWRT 18 and 19.

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