C7 AC1750 - Where is the EU firmware?

I recently got an TP-Link Archer v5 EU and I want to get Openwrt EU firmware on it, but I can't seem to find an image. It says on the device page that the generic firmware is only applicable for the rest of the world..

The V5 requires a TFTP install. The TFTP installer in the bootloader does not check the region code in the firmware, thus the same firmware can be used for any regional version.

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Thanks for replying. Does the stock firmware contain a TFTP server? How do I flash it? Please note I am running newest Stock firmware.

I found both instructions for WEB UI update and TFTP update on the device page and the WEB UI update option appears to be more recent.

I think the newer stock firmware's webgui will only accept TP-Link signed firmware, so it is impossible to install OpenWrt that way.

The bootloader in the router contains a TFTP client which is activated by holding down the reset button during boot-up. The main part of the stock firmware never starts. You will need a TFTP server application on your PC.

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I just managed to flash my firmware using the Web UI on the forementioned newest firmware. But I have a problem - there is a captive portal and it's not getting shown normally in my network, the firewall seems to block it. Also, MAC cloning would solve the problem but the MAC address override in the Interfaces does not seem to work. Any clue how to fix it?
In syslog I find this:

Wed Jan 29 16:07:37 2020 daemon.warn dnsmasq[1876]: possible DNS-rebind attack detected: passthrough.domainhere.net

Also my 5GHz interface after setup appears to be at 0% a.k.a. is not working.

The percentage value can only display the link quality between AP and clients, if there currently are no clients connected (to the 5 GHz radio) it can only list 0%.

My bad, the 5GHz does appear to work.

You might have to disable Rebind protection or set a Domain whitelist under Network -> DHCP and DNS.

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I get
Wed Mar 4 23:34:52 2020 daemon.info dnsmasq[3294]: 50 query[A] www.google.com from
Wed Mar 4 23:34:52 2020 daemon.info dnsmasq[3294]: 50 config error is REFUSED
even after I login thru the captive portal. I tried blanking out IPv6 ULA-Prefix with no avail...

Hm, I managed to reset the settings on the router after logging in and afterwards the internet connection was working.

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