C20 V5 bricked after trying to update the OpenWrt


i have a Tplink C20 V5. I installed the OpenWRT main rom via TFTPD64. After the installation, I tried to install the update rom but it was unsuccessful. There is no led and no response from TFTPD64.

It seems dead.

How can I debrik it?

Can I do a dump or serial flash on it?

if yes could you please share with me a full dump for C20V5, the chip is QH64A-104HIP

Thank you

I got myself a CH341a programmer, best investment ever so far when it comes to embedded :stuck_out_tongue: .

You can read out the flash, replace the bricked OpenWrt with a known working image, and flash it back.

It's a bit radical if you manage to get it fixed through bootloader access though. That's the preferred way to work. But if that fails...

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I had a 2nd C20 and downloaded all the parts from 'Save mtdblock contents section' router webpage. The 7 partition files were put into a folder in numerical order and reassembled with this: Download File Joiner : IgorWare. The dmesg output showed how to reassemble the 8MB flash image. Like Borromini, I clamped the 8pin SOIC to the CH341a for the first time, and succeeded on the first try with the 8 year old SPI rescue kit. The MAC addresses were editable to match the label from openwrt.

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After updating the C20 to 21.02.2, the 5GHz radio disappeared. After installing kmod-mt76x0-common, radio1 shows up under the Wireless tab.