C1n super wifi

Hi all im new in the forum but not new in openwrt prog i have problem with my C1n super wifi i make update for it and know i can’t acces to the ip and they is no led showing that connect to Lan with rj45 and i want to flash it with serial can any one help thanks sorry for my bad English
Note : only power led is showing i conect to serial its ok i thinks but no eth0
When i ping to no alive

This does not appear to be a supported model. Where are you getting the firmware from?

While only the bootloader is active, no IP based servers are running on the router. The main thing you'd be doing there is use tftpboot to TFTP load firmware.

I get the firmware from official website of altai c1n version C1n_2.2.0.1919_2019-01-17.bin
This what i get with tftpboot

This the old version when the altai c1n stil working but now its dead :disappointed:

Please talk to Altai Technologies' support, there's nothing we can do here. As mk24 mentioned, this particular device is not (and has never been) supported by OpenWrt - even if the OEM firmware might be loosely based on some version of OpenWrt, it will be heavily modified (especially in regards to the most important bits and pieces, like kernel- and wireless drivers).

Sorry but i want just to know is there any hope to recovery this or no way thanks a lot
Because the altai supports can’t answer because im not buying this new is just from old place thanks again

Hi any one can only help me about wiry JTAG for this device thanks

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