Bypass LAN WAN only with MAC ADRESS valids

I want to bridge two devices only with their MAC address as this:

LiveBox <- Lan 1 -> <- OpenWrt everything is prohibited except MAC Address of the LiveBox and MAC Address of the TV box -> <- Lan 2 -> TV box

This is to bridge a router that does not let the TV stream pass with an OpenWrt box

Between lan1 and lan2 there is a Netgear SRX5308 multiwan router which will therefore be bridged by an Openwrt box that only lets pass for the two Mac address

How will you bridge 2 different subnets?

For bridge the two networks I have uploaded a picture ...

Only link used for bridge Box Internet 1 Mac Adress & IPTV Box Mac Adress

I didn't mean that.
You want to bridge one device in subnet with one device in, right?

You want to bridge one device in subnet with one device in, right?

yes, make a kind of tunnel only between the two devices

These cannot be bridged. They can be routed. As long as you can configure OpenWrt to have one interface in, the other in, and force those two devices to use the OpenWrt as gateway, then you can achieve what you wish.


Are you sure it isn't using VLANs, since that is how the private network between the IPTV box(es) and ISP provided ONT or modem usually works.

Anyway you can't just put a tee in an Ethernet cable like your diagram shows.

They can be routed. ...

yes but how do I achieve this by only allowing the box & the TV box to communicate together exactly as if there was a wire between the two but only between them

Note: I have not external ONT it is now incorporated into the box with an SFP module

This is bridging. You cannot do that when they use addresses from different subnets.
Unless of course these two devices can run some kind of tunnel, like gre, ipip, openvpn,pptp, wireguard.

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Found GRE Tunnelling

WireGuard ?
I have just found some infos:

Have your tried installing and enabling igmpproxy on the OpenWrt box?

That's usually the issue with streaming TV from WAN.


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iplaywithtoys ...

Sorry but IPTV box is only DHCP . Requiert an IP address in same IP group ( ) allowed by the Box Internet 1

isp-dhcp-relay-ip ???

Look more closely at the diagram. The suggested alteration doesn't put the TV box in a different subnet. It sits in the same 192.168.1.x subnet, just with a different gateway (OpenWRT), that's all.

If DHCP is a requirement, then just set up a simple DHCP Reservation for the TV box and give it a different Option 3 than the rest of the DHCP clients.

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I made a mistake because obviously

Requiert an IP address in same IP group ( 192.168.0 .xxx ) allocated by the Box Internet 1